LUT University’s campuses are in Lappeenranta and Lahti, Finland. The campus buildings and the land they are on are owned in Lappeenranta by the University Properties of Finland (SYK) and in Lahti by Isku Center. In addition, LUT has regional units in Kouvola and Mikkeli.

Green campus in Lappeenranta

On the Lappeenranta campus, SYK has recently invested in LED lights for the library, reducing electricity consumption. In July 2022, the campus switched to certified green district heating. Facilities are used more efficiently, and adjustments have been made to avoid wasting electricity, heat or water and to maintain good indoor air quality. Irregularities are identified quickly thanks to smart building management technology. Waste heat is recycled with a hybrid heat pump for heating and cooling. The campus also houses batteries that help balance fluctuations in electricity demand. 


Waste management and recycling

Campus waste management aims to raise the recycling rate and reduce food waste in campus restaurants. Kampusravintolat in Lappeenranta has taken active measures to reduce biowaste and promote its sorting. The sorting of plastic waste started in early 2023. The university has increased waste sorting containers and pays greater attention to their timely emptying to increase the efficiency of waste management and recycling.



The ecosystem values of the Lappeenranta campus have been surveyed by a suitably qualified ecologist. The campus is an ecologically noteworthy site that serves as a habitat for a wide range of organisms. The preservation of elements that increase biodiversity will be taken into consideration in the planning and maintenance of the area. Biodiversity will be increased by turning part of the campus grass areas into meadows where flowers will be planted to improve the living conditions of butterflies and other insects.

More about SYK

  • SYK is an expert organisation owned jointly by the government and universities. It owns and develops campuses. 
  • SYK has defined its own responsibility policy, which supports LUT's pursuit of carbon neutrality. 
  • SYK also offsets its carbon emissions annually by purchasing carbon credits voluntarily in a carbon market. 
  • Find out more about SYK's work for sustainable development and read its sustainability report.

Energy-savvy Isku Center in Lahti

In Lahti, LUT and LAB rent facilities from Isku Center, where smart energy solutions based on efficient geothermal pumps both heat and cool the building. On the coldest days of the year, also district heating is used. The solar photovoltaic panels on the roof are used for purposes such as cooling and the charging of electric cars.

More about Isku Center

  • Isku Center is an ecological, adaptive business hub in Mukkula, Lahti.
  • The building's energy system has been overhauled, resulting in energy economy, good indoor air quality and a small carbon footprint.
  • LUT Universities rent roughly 24 000 m2.

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Campus addresses and maps

LUT University Lappeenranta campus logo at night

Campuses and regional units

LUT University operates on two campuses: in Lappeenranta and Lahti. In addition, the university has regional units in Mikkeli and Kouvola.