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Created 19.6.2024
Updated 19.6.2024

Two years, two countries, and one master’s degree. Samuel Repka, a Master of Computational Engineering in LUT’s Data-Centric Engineering Programme, found the perfect opportunity to study and explore Northern Europe. This opportunity came in the form of a double degree programme offered by Brno University of Technology and LUT University.

Keep reading as Repka gives useful advice for excelling in university studies and shares his favorite experiences. He also tells what made him to stay in Finland.

Tell us about yourself, your studies, and ambitions for your career.

"I have just graduated from a double degree programme in Computer Vision. My home university is Brno University of Technology (BUT) in the Czech Republic. Originally, I come from Prešov, Slovakia.

My biggest ambition is to find happiness, which, for me, entails having a family and a purposeful job. I would like to help solve the problems of today, mainly connected to nature and the environment."

Why did you choose to study at LUT?

"It began when I decided that I wanted to go somewhere on Erasmus. I started researching my options and stumbled across the Double Degree programme.

I thought, '2 years, 2 degrees, sounds good,' and discovered that BUT had a Double Degree agreement with LUT University. Since I wanted to go north anyway, I had no reason not to seize the opportunity." 


Double degree programmes at LUT 


Why did you choose to study in a double degree master’s programme, and what are DDP’s pros and cons in your opinion?

Double Degree programmes offer numerous attractions. Obviously, the main one is the prospect of earning two diplomas. Then, you get to explore different countries and cultures, make new friends, discover new opportunities, and have new experiences.

However, there are a few cons associated with the time spent abroad. For example, being far away from friends, family and girlfriend, in my case, means you must adapt to the new environment. Moreover, I had to be sure I wanted to come here from the start of my studies, because there are compulsory courses at both universities, and only one year to finish them at each university.

Nevertheless, it is doable, and I think that the pros very much outweigh the cons.

What was it like to study at LUT and what was the best thing?

Studying at LUT was a bit different from Brno. Here, there's a greater emphasis on continuous work. We had to submit weekly assignments and participate in weekly exercises, which encouraged continuous learning. This was beneficial, although it took some getting used to.  

The best part was that it was more important to understand what we were learning than to just memorize it. And in Finland in general, the highlight was the winter. It was almost unbelievably beautiful. 

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Your grade average is 5 which is a historical achievement. What are your top tips for success in university studies?

Understanding what you've already learned is key for future learning, even in seemingly different courses. When you understand the curriculum, you'll know how and when to use what you've learned. My tips are:

  • Aim to understand.
  • Attending lectures pays off, as long as you pay attention.
  • If you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask. Teachers usually appreciate questions.  

What do you do in your free time?

My hobbies include hiking, being creative and playing video games.

How will you celebrate your graduation, and what are you planning to do next?

I'll likely celebrate with my family and take some time to rest. My immediate plan is to pursue doctoral studies at LUT. I've been offered the opportunity, and since I enjoy it here in Lappeenranta, I've decided to stay. 

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