Henri Hoskonen, opiskelija, student
Created 14.5.2024
Updated 14.5.2024

Henri Hoskonen is now completing his bachelor’s studies at LUT Business School but became intrigued by investing already towards the end of high school in 2019. He was managing his banking in person one day, and the clerk asked if he was interested in investing.

"I hadn't really thought about it before. But after discussing it with the clerk, I made my first fund investment, and that sparked my interest. The idea that I could make my money grow was fascinating, and I wanted to learn more."

This enthusiasm also influenced Hoskonen's educational path. Initially, he had planned to study sports science and become a physical-education (PE) teacher.

"During high school, I coached children's sports groups, and that's when I realized that being a PE teacher might not be my thing. With my growing interest in investing, I started to lean towards business studies. Coming from Lemi, a town right next to Lappeenranta, LUT was a natural choice for me."


Student organization work sparks a change

In his business studies, Hoskonen has specialized in accounting and is looking forward to moving on to master's studies in the same field.

He describes his educational path as somewhat more winding than usual. Until recently, Hoskonen was leaning towards the business analytics master's program.

"I served as the finance officer for our student organization, Enklaavi. Getting acquainted with auditing and accounting in that role, I became more interested in those areas. I talked to an academic advisor about whether it was still possible to change my program, and it turned out to be very flexible," Hoskonen praises.

Focus on students, and the spirit of Skinnarila

Hoskonen generally lauds the flexibility of studying at LUT. The hybrid model allows for watching lectures as recordings later, and the courses support self-directed learning. This flexibility is a boon when life gets busy.

"The hybrid model also helps me stay focused because I can pace my studies. It has definitely supported my learning. Overall, I've noticed that at LUT, course delivery aims at good learning outcomes and meeting the needs of students."

As an active member of his student organization, Hoskonen is also familiar with the so-called spirit of Skinnarila – the exceptional community spirit of LUT students. He considers the shared campus of LUT University and the LAB University of Applied Sciences a strength that enables, for example, collaboration across disciplines among student organizations.

"LUT has many university-wide traditions, such as the celebration of wappu (May Day), which further strengthen our sense of community."

The hybrid model has definitely supported my learning. I've noticed that at LUT, course delivery aims at good learning outcomes and meeting the needs of students.

A versatile portfolio

Hoskonen has continued investing throughout his studies. His portfolio has served as a good motivator, but Hoskonen has also taken the initiative to learn more about the topic on his own. He follows investment influencers on social media and explores different perspectives offered by analysts and other investors on various investment platforms.

At the beginning of 2024, the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion elected him Young Investor of the Year 2023.

In addition to fund investments, Hoskonen's portfolio now includes direct stock investments, cryptocurrencies, and real estate-backed corporate loans. Diversification brings stability to the portfolio, but Hoskonen’s investment philosophy also emphasizes the importance of long-term orientation and self-discipline.

"I've learned to keep a cool head. I started investing just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and my portfolio value dropped by 50% overnight. However, I kept following public dialogue on investments and decided to trust the professionals who advised against selling off investments. It felt bad at the time, but now, I am satisfied with my decision."

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There's only one way to start investing

Hoskonen says his investment philosophy is relaxed. Lately, he hasn't been investing regularly but lets the market do its work with his existing investments, aiming for long-term returns.

Despite his relaxed approach, Hoskonen remains a strong advocate for investing. He has even visited middle schools to talk to students about it.

"I want to help dispel the notion that investing requires large capital. I've emphasized in schools that investing is accessible to a large portion of Finns. 

In general, I think we could discuss money more openly and casually, both in families and among friends. That would likely make investing more common and would lower the threshold for people to try it."

For those considering investing, Hoskonen has one piece of advice: start. If the array of investment options seems overwhelming, one can seek advice from a bank.

"One way is to think about whether there are companies in your everyday life whose services or products you value. It can be an easy place to start."

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