Firmatiimi, a group of students, enhances the student cooperation between companies, students as well as LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences.

Firmatiimi is at your service when you wish to get a challenge solved by ours students but don't know how to proceed. Challenges of different types and sizes can be solved by students as part of their studies in the following ways:

  • Assignments and project work (at LUT & at LAB)
  • Internships (at LUT & at LAB)
  • Bachelor's thesis (at LUT & at LAB)
  • Master's thesis (at LUT)

Among our students, you will find expertise in the following fields:

  • Business (LUT & LAB)
  • Engineering (LUT & LAB)
  • Design and Fine Arts (LAB)
  • Health Care and Social Services (LAB)
  • Tourism and Hospitality (LAB)

Firmatiimi helps the company to define the actual need, figures out the correct form of cooperation and locates the study program / course suitable at LUT or LAB for executing the case. The actual execution of the case will always take place as part of the studies provided by study programs.

Firmatiimi 2022-2023

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We at Firmatiimi are ready to help you.

Send us your need or assignment and we will contact you. You can also reach us at firmatiimi@lut.fi.