4SUS - Sustainability assessment tool for startups

LUT 4SUS is a sustainability assessment tool for business idea development and start-up teams. Its aim is not to replace existing tools for calculating carbon footprints, sustainability indexes or life cycle assessment, but those tools require a great deal of exact data to be useful. If you have a start-up or an idea, you don’t have such data yet.  

LUT 4SUS a tool for guiding new start-up teams in considering the sustainability angle in their business.

    4SUS How To Use

    How to Use

    • Download the tool below.
    • You can work alone or with your start-up team.
    • Use any familiar ideation or brainstorming technique to examine your business idea from four different perspectives with the help of the questionnaire provided by the LUT 4SUS tool.
    • Use post-it notes etc. to write down ideas.
    • Discuss the most important strengths or weaknesses with your team and decide which of them require further development.
    • Summarize the results on one slide and add the slide to your business idea pitching deck.
    • Add the LUT 4SUS logo with a Creative Common License logo to show you have considered the sustainability angle of your business idea systematically.

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