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Generative AI has quickly taken a center-stage in recent public debate. Many companies are already piloting various Generative AI applications, including for instance ChatGPT, Midjourney and DALL-E, and they are thus redefining how knowledge-intensive day-to-day work shall look like in the future. AI is also becoming a general-purpose technology that benefits nearly all of us.

But how about strategies and business models of companies? What would be the business transformation enabled by Generative AI and how would such technology be visible in company value propositions and revenue models, for instance? What new business opportunities would emerge and how to grasp them?

In this webinar, Professor Paavo Ritala and Industry Professor Mika Ruokonen will discuss new business models enabled by generative AI and guide how managers can get started with generative AI enabled business model innovation and execution.

The webinar is in English. Sign up by 21 November 2023.


16.30 Welcome to Curious People Alumni Webinar, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations

16.35 Generative AI is here – What is the impact on business models? 
Paavo Ritala, Mika Ruokonen, LUT School of Business & Management

17.05 Questions from the audience

17.20 Closing words, Päivi Mäkitalo, LUT Alumni Relations


Webinar recording

Curious people alumni webinar: Generative AI is here – What is the impact on business models?

You can watch the webinar recording also on YouTube

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