Opiskelijoita yliopiston aulassa
Event dates
Lappeenranta campus, Auditorium 1316


13.00: Opening remarks, Professor Hannele Seeck, Communication Sciences (LUT) & research group

13.15: Keynote address: Professor Terhi Rantanen (London School of Economics and Political Science, visiting professor of Communication Science, LUT): Professor Rantanen discusses her newly published book Dead Men’s Propaganda: Ideology and Utopia in Comparative Communications Studies (LSE Press, 2024).

13:45: Panel Discussion: Continuing Relevance of Global Communications – cases and reflections 

Professor Emerita Ullamaija Kivikuru, University of Helsinki: Attempting to catch glimpses of the Global South: A communication researcher in South-Eastern Africa

Adjunct Professor Ritva Levo-Henriksson, University of Helsinki: Ethnic Identity Construction in a Mediated World: A Native American Case Study. 

Comments, remarks and discussion, Professor Terhi Rantanen 

Panel discussion hosted by Doctor Atte Jääskeläinen, President of The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

15:00: Video greetings

Professor Sunny Yoon, Hanyang University, South Korea: Soft power in East Asia 

Associate professor Emily Öhman, Waseda University, Japan: Hate speech legislation’s impact on Reddit’s moderation

15:10 Doctor Iina Hellsten: Disinformation in climate change communication

15:25: Doctor of Military Science Saara Jantunen-Paju, Finnish Prime Minister’s Office: The use of future scenarios in information warfare

15:45: Audience questions and discussion

16:00: Closing remarks, Professor Hannele Seeck, Communication Sciences, LUT