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Lappeenranta campus or online

LUT succeeded in the finance application round of the national doctoral school pilot. As a result of it, we are going to recruit 44 new doctoral researches for interesting research projects within the next year.

Is this your chance to start your doctoral research?

Join our info and get answers to e.g. the following questions
  • what doctoral studies are and how does the doctoral research proceed?
  • what kinds of possibilities the new recruitments will offer to the ones interested in doctoral research?
  • what are the experiences of a current doctoral researcher?
  • how has the doctoral degree affected the life and career of our doctoral alumni? 
  • how to apply for doctoral studies?


16.30–17.00  Doctoral Research Possibilities at LUT
                      Jari Hämäläinen, Vice President, Research and Innovation

17.00–17.45  Experiences about doctoral studies and career after the doctorate
                      Alexander Myers, Doctoral researcher, LUT Business School
                      Paritosh Vasava, Scientific Modelling Expert, Abronaut Ltd
                      Elena John, Credit Risk Analyst, Oma Säästöpankki Oyj

17.45–18.00  How to apply for doctoral studies?
                      Saara Merritt, Coordinator, LUT Doctoral School

18.00–           Free discussion over a cup of coffee at Lappeenranta campus

You can participate the info either onsite at Lappeenranta campus in room 1325 or online.