Event dates
Online in zoom: Next Q&A time on 19.6.2023.

Coming soon: 2 lectures, the day will be announced later on.

Thermal aspects in different types of electrical machines,

ass. professor Dr. Luca Papini, University of Pisa, Italy and

Senior Researcher Peter Connor from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom 


The intended learning outcomes: 
Students understand the importance of thermal aspects in high-speed electrical machines and drives. Learn to utilize thermal computation methods and seek for multi-disciplinary analyzing methods. 

State of the art of high-speed electric drives. Introduction to heat transfer. Thermal design theory. Combining thermal and electrical computations. Introduction to multi-disiplinary methods.

Teaching methods: 
Pre-assignment, 27 hours. Lectures 5-6.6.2023, computation assignments and homework’s.
Homework's are Students own assessment: thermal modelling computations.
Checking the results day: Results of the assignments (we will agree the day together.)

LUT University persons, please enroll using SISU system.


AGENDA 5.6.2023 in ZOOM

9:00 Present electric vehicle motors, Juha Pyrhönen 

10:00 Introduction to Heat transfer, professorTeemu Turunen-Saaresti 

12:30 Fluid mechanics - Need to know in high speed, Dr. A.Grönman

Group work: Gather the findings from preassignment

Lectures 6.6.2023 

9:00 ORC prototype designing process, Dr. Antti Uusitalo 

10:00 Different Cooling methods, Lindh (cases, how to calculate Direct Liquid Cooling)  


Homework - info days on 19.6, 28.6 and 10.7 at 10 FINNISH time.

More information from pia.lindh@lut.fi

(1 ECT equals to 27 hours of work and 4 ECT is app 100 hours work)