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Green-digital transition through commons-based decentralized planning 
Pedro Nardelli, Professor, LUT University, Finland         
Rodrigo Santaella, Postdoc researcher, LUT University, Finland  

Financialized Digitalization, Digitalized Financialization: the inseparability between technological domination and financial hegemony in contemporary capitalism 
Edemilson Paraná, Associate Professor, LUT University, Finland    

Ecological planning and the problem of knowledge in the Anthropocene 
Cedric Durand, Associate Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland 

The dual footprint of artificial intelligence: human and environmental costs in the Global South 
Paola Tubaro, Research Professor, CREST, CNRS-ENSAE, France 

Big Tech, the US and Chinese states in the making of artificial intelligence 
Cecilia Rikap, Associate Professor, IIPP, University College London, UK 

Simulation and Green-Digital Infrastructure Capital 
James Steinhoff, Assistant Professor, University College Dublin         

Summer school

Platform Dependence: Towards a Marxist Political Economy Approach
Rafael Grohmann, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Canada

Workers’ Right to the Subject: the Social Relations of Data Production
Phoebe Moore, Professor, University of Essex, UK

A Sociology of Interdisciplinarity: Dynamics of Energy Research
Antti Silvast, Associate Professor, LUT University, Finland

Green and Just Transitions through Dirty and Unjust Digital Markets? The Paradoxes and Promises of Knowledge Infrastructures 
Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn, Senior Lecturer, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Engaging Citizens in Energy Flexibility: Lessons from Energy Retailers’ Response to the 2021-2023 Energy Crises
Salvatore Ruggiero, Associate Professor, LUT University, Finland

The Political Economy of Platform Content Moderation 
João C. Magalhães, Assistant Professor, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Big-tech, Micro-media and Climate Industries
Beliz Boni, Head of Communications, Alameda Institute

The Digital Transition of the State and the Risk of New Inequalities
Paolo Gerbaudo, Reader, Kings College London

Global and Regional Political Economic Systems and Climatic-ecological Crises 
Markus Kröger, Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland