J. Hyneman Center – JHC juhlakilpailu
Event dates
LUT University, Lappeenranta campus, JHC prototyping lab

Welcome to the JHC Fall Seminar, where the five finalists of the JHC Anniversary Building Challenge will present their projects. The event will be attended by Janne Liias, executive manager of the Association of Finnish Wood Industries, which is sponsoring the competition.

The winner will be awarded a prize of 1,000 euros. The winning project will be chosen during the seminar week by Jamie Hyneman and Janne Liias.

The building challenge requires the creation of a machine made of wood.

"The competition entries are currently being constructed. If they aren’t all completed by the start of the seminar, it may not be critical. The winner will be chosen based on best overall combination of idea and implementation," explains Head of Development Marko Kasurinen.

The following projects were selected for the final:

  • sequential gearbox
  • front wheel drive velomobile
  • thermodynamic machine
  • mixer cum cutter
  • wooden dough machine

The JHC venue can accommodate up to 60 people.