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Messilä, Messiläntie 308, 15980 Lahti

#LUTStorming goes Lahti!

LUTStorming was kicked-off last spring and now it’s time for new event, and this time we will go to our second home in Lahti! Are you an LUT researcher willing to join forces and push LUT innovation to the next level? Yes, even higher than we do now!

Supported by Uni and Green Campus Open, we – a team of young LUT researchers from across LUT schools – are organizing #LUTStorming this October 2022 – an internal LUT Club for research and innovation. We want it to be a community of research freedom, creativity, fresh ideas, mutual exchange, and lots of fun!

It is going to be a full-day event to network, exchange ideas and work together on pushing them forward! If you happen to have an idea, which you feel might benefit from team brainstorming and complementary expertise – please mention it when signing up for the event! The idea could be at any stage, even very rough ideas are very welcome to be shared for LUTStorming! 

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Preliminary program

Time Program
8.00 Transportation from Lappeenranta campus to Lahti by buses
10.00 Welcoming coffee and introduction for the day
11.00 Lunch 
12.00 Guest speaker session (Sami Sykkö) 
13.00 Brainstorming and networking 
14.00 Break
14.30 Developing ideas and summarizing presentations
16:00 Closure of the day event (1st bus to Lappeenranta)
16.00 Networking with refreshments and social activities
19.00 Closure of the evening event (2nd bus to Lappeenranta)

(Detailed program will be released later)