Event dates

Virginie Lavoye, Master in Digital Marketing, will defend her doctoral dissertation in the field of Economics and Business Administration at LUT on 20th of October 2023 at noon, Auditorium 1314. Her dissertation is titled “Augmented reality in consumer retail: A presence theory approach”. Associate Professor Carlos Velasco, Department of Marketing, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, will act as opponent. Professor Anssi Tarkiainen of LUT University will act as custos.

Library information: The dissertation has been published in the Acta Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis research series number 1090 of the university. ISBN 978-952-335-972-7, ISBN 978-952-335-973-4 (PDF),ISSN 1456-4491 (Print), ISSN 2814-5518 (Online).

The electronic version can be found from LUTPub-database here: https://lutpub.lut.fi/handle/10024/166424