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Created 17.6.2024
Updated 19.6.2024

The Fulbright-LUT-EMRC Scholar Award can be granted within any research themes of interest to the Kempower Electric Mobility Research Center. As a general guideline, proposals for projects addressing any challenges of electric mobility from any perspective are welcome.

“We want to offer top US scholars an opportunity to work with the EMRC and LUT University to help address multidisciplinary challenges of electric mobility now and in the future. These problems can stem from technical, economic, or societal bottlenecks – or all of them,” says Ville Naumanen, Research Director and Head of the EMRC.

The EMRC offers a research platform that represents a whole new way for academics to collaborate with companies in cross-disciplinary research on electric transportation. The EMRC is the heart of e-mobility-related research on LUT University’s Lahti campus.

Key facts

  • The Fulbright-LUT-EMRC Scholar Award is intended for early- or mid-career and senior scientists working in fields concerning the electrification of mobility. 
  • The award is granted for 4–12 months, but flex awards for two consecutive academic years are also possible.
  • The EMRC is located in Lahti, but other LUT locations are equally possible, depending on the location of the hosting group. 
  • It is possible to grant more than one scholar award per year.
  • The candidate must be a US citizen. The Fulbright Finland Foundation encourages potential applicants to visit its website for further information.

A good example of transatlantic academic activities

LUT University and the Fulbright Finland Foundation recently signed an agreement on exploring ways to intensify collaboration. 

“Fulbright Finland provides expertise and networks for Finnish–US academic collaboration. The scholar award is a solid step forward in our close cooperation with LUT University,” says Foundation CEO Terhi Mölsä.

“We have made significant progress in our cooperation with the Fulbright Finland Foundation since we signed a cooperation agreement last fall. The agreement has provided an important avenue for strengthening LUT’s collaboration with US universities and attracting the best talents,” says Petri Ajo, chief growth officer at LUT.