Liikenteen valoja illalla Lappeenrannassa
Created 15.6.2023
Updated 15.6.2023

LUT University and EV fast charging solutions provider Kempower will open an electric mobility research center on LUT’s Lahti campus in Finland. The collaboration contract between the two is one of the largest in LUT’s history.  

”Two very strong players are joining forces. LUT does bold scientific research that has both strategic and practical impact. Kempower, on the other hand, manufactures products that have a rapidly growing demand in Finland and beyond,” says LUT University’s Rector Juha-Matti Saksa

The new Kempower Electric Mobility Research Center (EMRC) will open by the end of 2023. The center focuses on power electronics, mechanics, data, and design, but it also cuts across the boundaries of almost all of LUT University’s fields of specialization from technology and business to social and communication sciences. The center is vital for the further development of e-mobility related research on LUT's Lahti campus.  

“EMRC offers a cross-disciplinary research platform that represents a whole new way for LUT to collaborate with companies. This initiative strengthens the role of Finnish science and education in an industry that exhibits crazy growth rates and potential. EMRC operations include cooperation with the LAB University of Applied Sciences, further extending the center’s capacity and impact,” LUT University’s Chief Growth Officer Petri Ajo outlines.  

The new research center also supports Kempower’s continuous product development and research, which have been at the company’s core since its establishment in 2018. The research center continues Kempower’s commitment to the student community and collaboration with research institutions. Collaboration with universities plays an important role in research and development on EV charging solutions and in predicting the future of electric mobility.  

EMRC supports Kempower’s growth strategy and plans to scale up production capabilities to meet the growing demand for reliable charging solutions for electric vehicles.  

“We want to work closely with technology-focused universities, as it gives us the resources needed to stay at the forefront of product development and research. Furthermore, students at LUT University will get the opportunity to learn more about the fast-growing e-mobility industry as well as the skills needed to succeed there now and in the future. With Kempower’s unique data from the field and LUT University’s resources, we can envision EV drivers’ future needs, further improve the user experience and reliability of our solutions and strengthen Lahti’s position as a center of excellence in e-mobility”, says Mikko Veikkolainen, Chief Technology Officer at Kempower.  

“Lahti has quickly developed into a leading city for electric mobility in Finland. The research center makes it possible for growth to continue. Electrification of transport involves a lot of new business and innovations, and Lahti wants to be a pioneer," says Lahti Mayor Pekka Timonen

"The development of electric mobility also fits perfectly with Lahti's operation as an environmental and university city. We have a strong presence in green transition research and business in the most interesting growth sectors," he continues.