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Created 21.12.2021
Updated 6.5.2022

The members of the Advisory Board are Tuomo Rönkkö, a professional board member and an innovation influencer, Mika Anttonen, Chair of the Board of Directors of St1, Jyrki Katainen, President of Sitra, Laura Lares, Managing Director of Ablers, Juho Nummela, President and CEO of Ponsse, Mari Puoskari, Group CEO of the FCG Finnish Consulting Group, Timo Ritakallio, President and Group CEO of the OP Group, Sakari Tamminen, a partner and co-founder of the consultancy company Gemic, and Tiina Tuomela, CFO of Uniper.

High degree of specialisation in specific fields

The LUT Universities' Advisory Board analyses future changes in business, industries and society that affect strategic choices regarding the LUT Universities' education, research, RDI and long-term success.

"The Advisory Board examines matters from the perspective of societal impact: how we as higher education institutions can better respond to the future expectations of society and industries," LUT University's Rector Juha-Matti Saksa sums up. "I'm thrilled that our Advisory Board members want to contribute their expertise to develop LUT and LAB."

All members bring with them strong expertise in their own fields.

Professional board member and innovation influencer Tuomo Rönkkö possesses an in-depth understanding of the operation of businesses and LUT University and has strong strategy-related expertise. He has previously worked in management positions at e.g. ANDRITZ, Eltel and the Maintpartner Group. Rönkkö will chair the Advisory Board.

The founder and chair of the board of the energy company St1, Mika Anttonen, is known for advocating renewable energy. His views on climate change and how to affect it strongly add to the Advisory Board's understanding of the causes and consequences of the environmental changes that concern all humanity.

Jyrki Katainen, President of Sitra, joined LUT University's Advisory Board in October 2020. He specialises in economics and public financing and has strong views on the development of Finland and Europe. Katainen has also served as the Finnish Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and as one of the vice-presidents of the European Commission, adding a perspective of international impact. 

Timo Ritakallio, President and Group CEO of the OP Group, was also previously on LUT University's Advisory Board. He represents the world of finance and management. He has previously worked e.g. as President and CEO of the Ilmarinen Mutual Insurance Company, Deputy CEO of the Pohjola Bank, and Executive Vice President of the OKO Bank.

Laura Lares is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Ablers, which specialises in strategy work and dialogue applications. Lares has worked in business, sales and human resource management positions at UPM and as the CEO of Kalevala Koru. She brings a strong strategic and entrepreneurial viewpoint.

"It is a joy and privilege to be on the Advisory Board and influence the development of LUT Universities," says Juho Nummela, President and CEO of Ponsse. "Our industries and society are strongly transforming, and higher education institutions must steer their activity to respond to future needs efficiently. A challenging operating environment also holds enormous opportunities, and higher education institutions play a significant role on our journey towards a more sustainable future."

Nummela's long career at Ponsse and board memberships at Epec, the Einari Vidgrén Foundation, the OLVI-säätiö foundation and Olvi have expanded his views on the growth management of international corporate groups, the manufacturing industry and the development of technology.

The most recent Nordic co-operation programme on energy policy outlines that Nordic energy collaboration should in 2022–2024 focus on the green transition.

Therefore, Uniper's CFO Tiina Tuomela's experience and expertise in the green transition and energy industry are especially valuable to LUT Universities. Tuomela has also worked for companies such as Fortum. She is a board member of Wärtsilä, Teollisuuden Voima and YIT.

Mari Puoskari, CEO of the FCG Finnish Consulting Group, contributes her expertise in environmental issues and societal impact. Puoskari's career has also included management positions at CGI, Ekokem and Pöyry and research work at the Helsinki University of Technology. She has served as the deputy chair of the Finnish political party The Greens.

Sakari Tamminen, who is a partner and board member of the consulting company Gemic, contributes his expertise in merging social sciences and technology and in strategy development. Tamminen's specialisation is especially valuable to LUT University, which has applied for educational responsibilities in social sciences.

The one-year term of the new Advisory Board of LUT Universities will start on 1 January 2022. The Advisory Board advises the boards and management of LUT Universities.