Aki Mikkola
Created 12.1.2023
Updated 12.1.2023

The Finnish Union of University Professors has chosen Aki Mikkola, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at LUT University, as Professor of the Year for 2023. The nomination was announced at a Union event during the Science Forum in Helsinki on Thursday, 12 January 2023. The award amount for the Professor of the Year is EUR 20,000.


“Professor Aki Mikkola is a highly-distinguished developer of Finnish engineering science and technology industry, who has also received several accolades for his ability to successfully apply research data to higher education,” emphasises Jukka Heikkilä, Chair of the Finnish Union of University Professors.


Professor Mikkola is an internationally-acclaimed researcher, who has introduced into Finland a new way of analysing machine behaviour. The theory developed by Mikkola in his research work enables the modelling and simulation of machine and device operation in virtual environments and the observation of functional deficiencies in the early stages of planning.


“Mikkola’s research into computational dynamics and the theory of multibody dynamics in particular has given Finnish industry the tools for planning better products and new services,” states Jukka Heikkilä.


Mikkola has co-operated with several Finnish and international companies, including Kone, Cargotec, Metso Outotec, Ponsse, Valtra and Mevea. The methods and theories developed by Mikkola have been applied to the research of not only machinery and devices but also biomechanics, medical rehabilitation and sports science.


Mikkola has won several research and teaching awards. He has published over 140 scientific journal papers on computational dynamics and supervised 30 doctoral theses and more than 130 master’s theses. The Academy of Finland has granted Mikkola funding for ten research projects. Altogether, he has received 16 million euro in external funding. Mikkola is also a highly-rated teacher and pioneer of new teaching methods. The overarching theme in Mikkola’s teaching is interaction with students.


Mikkola received a D.Sc. (Tech) in machine design from Lappeenranta University of Technology in 1997. After graduation, he worked at Valmet Corporation in Rautpohja, as Adjunct Professor at Lappeenranta University of Technology and as post doc researcher at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Since 2002, Mikkola has worked as Professor of Mechanical Engineering at LUT University.