Liuliu Du-Ikonen

Liuliu Du-Ikonen
Post-doctoral researcher
Sustainablity Science
LUT School of Energy Systems
LUT Focus Areas
Water - Refining sidestreams into value
Air - Turning emissions into opportunities
Business - Sustainable renewal of business and industry
Energy - Transition to carbon-neutral world
Research areas
Environmental Engineering
Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment


Dr. Liuliu Du-Ikonen’s training and research experience in engineering and science address sustainability, emission, air quality assessment and control solutions, energy efficiency and business cooperation. Her international projects include programs in Europe, USA & China. She has global network in scientific expertise supporting the cutting-edge technology for international cooperation. Her ability to bring together concepts from different fields with systematic thinking and people skills makes her an innovative team leader and partner. She has a proven track record in bridging the gap between technologies and business. Dr. Du-Ikonen is curious, adaptable and quick learner of new business areas and cultures, love to find out how that technologies being applied into practice and ‘better life’ can become reality.

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