Natasha Järviö

Project Researcher
Sustainablity Science
LUT School of Energy Systems
Laboratory of sustainability change


I completed my master of science in Industrial Ecology at the technical university of Delft and the Leiden University, the Netherlands, in 2013, haven written a thesis on the the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from deforestation of mangrove forests due to shrimp farming, for which purpose I developed a method. After completion of my master, I moved to Finland and worked a number of years for the Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE) using life cycle assessment (LCA) for resource use of the forest industry and focussing on the fluorinated greenhouse gases. I started my PhD at the university of Helsinki in 2019 using LCA to quantify the environmental impacts of novel food products, such as microbial protein powder and ovalbumin produced by fungi, rather than chickens. Currently I am working within the BIODIFUL project quantifying the biodiversity impacts of food products.

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life cycle assessment (LCA), food sytem, biodiversity, regenerative agriculture