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In 2010 after three and a half years as a researcher in Lappeenranta Universtity of Techonlogy, I had the priviledge of participating establishing Visedo Oy (now known as Danfoss Editron), where I dedicated 7 years of my career. Concurrently, as we launched operations at Visedo, I successfully defended my doctoral thesis in June 2010, earning the title of Doctor of Technology with honours in the field of power electronics from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. 

Since early 2017, I started operating my own company, where I fulfilled my passion for crafting beautiful wooden furniture. Simultaneously, I kept my engineering skill set up-to-date through consulting with companies in management, quality, product development, and electromobility technology in both land and marine applications.

During my time at Visedo, I led the team that developed a comprehensive product line of electric motors from scratch. Subsequently, I served as a Director of Engineering, overseeing product development. With the team, we created a range of electric products and integrated them into powertrains for numerous heavy duty applications. My work extended beyond technical aspects; I worked closely with customers as a project manager for most of Visedo’s early-stage delivery projects, also supporting our sales efforts with my technical expertise. 

My position as Director of Engineering afforded me a comprehensive understanding of company processes and the stakeholders crucial in developing and delivering products and systems. My role as a director
involved developing processes that enhanced efficiency and maintained high-quality standards, while simultaneously allowed me to hone my natural leadership skills.

Since November 2023 I had an exciting opportunity to lead new  research center called EMRC (Electric Mobility Research Center) which provides a new kind of platform for university and industry cooperation.

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