Zhen Im

Zhen Im
Visiting Researcher
Social Sciences
LUT School of Engineering Sciences
LUT Focus Areas
Business and society - Sustainable renewal of business, industry and society
Energy - Transition to carbon neutrality
Research areas
Sociology and Political Science
Social Sciences (miscellaneous)


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business at Copenhagen Business School. At LUT's Department of Social Sciences, I am a visiting scholar. I received my PhD from the University of Helsinki.

I aim interested in the social and political consequences of labour market changes in post-industrial West European countries. I also investigate how social policies can improve or worsen socio-economic inequalities arising form such labour market changes. I am especially interested in workplace automation, digitalisation. and the Green Transition. I also maintain an interest in the implications of inequality in Singapore.

- Photo credits: Center for European Studies (Harvard University).

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Green Transition, Digitalisation, Political Opinion, Political Parties, Welfare State, Social and public policy