CiRCLETECH will help the development of scientific excellence and research management capacities for Sustainable Circular Economy.


Project funding:
European Union

Duration of the project:

Funded by the European Union


CiRCLETECH project will be raising scientific excellence of the cooperating partners, University of Miskolc, Technische Universiteit Delft and Lappeenranta–Lahti University of Technology in the field of sustainable circular economy research, with the aim of forming a long-lasting Research Hub, across Northern Hungary. The creation of Research Hub on Sustainable Circular Economy (CiRCLETECH Hub) will provide the basis of future cooperation and operation of a regional excellence center creating meaningful impact on regional and national level on circular economy, but also on involvement in Horizon Europe.


CiRCLETECH group will create a joint multidisciplinary research work plan implementing cooperatively to find solutions to common research challenges and opportunities that all Partners face: Connecting technological and socioeconomic research activities in the field of sustainable circular economy for boosting research excellence and management capacity of the universities. The project aims at:

  • Improving networking and internationalization trough mobility, events, joint programmes with Partners
  • Improving skills and knowledge in the field of formulating research strategy, creating research ideas
  • Helping to understand European Research policy and challenges
  • Achieving dedication at strategic level within the institution and regionally
  • Creating a stable and inspiring research environment with long term perspectives involving the partners, but also industrial, governmental and non-profit stakeholders at regional, national and EU level.