CO-SUSTAIN (pathways for CO-creation between local authorities and collective actions for a SUSTAINable transition) is an EU Horizon research project (number 101132467) that aims to define and test new democratic pathways enabling local policymakers to support various and novel forms of political participation and empowering citizens to act for a sustainable transition. To achieve this, the project will investigate 18 historical examples of political participation in six European countries to understand the various forms of political participation, their stimuli, response mechanisms and long-term impacts. The best practices learned from these examples will be then applied to four case studies, which will allow CO-SUSTAIN to assess the environmental, social, and economic outputs and implications of these new pathways.

In the CO-SUSTAIN project, LUT will oversee three Finnish historical examples and one case study. The historical examples cover the topics such as activism, municipality-led climate work, and resilience during a natural disaster. The case study will consider stakeholder engagement regarding possible small modular reactors. At the end of the three-year project, CO-SUSTAIN will provide recommendations for policymakers on how to best support action towards sustainable transition.

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