High-speed (HS) electromechanical conversion (EC) technology has proven to be a feasible solution to reducing energy use and emissions in the industrial sectors. High rotational speeds are beneficial for improving the energy efficiency and reducing the cost of EC systems. Meanwhile, realizing these benefits presently is challenging because existing modelling and design practices are not fully capable to account for the physical effects arising at high operational speeds. DIGI-REINFORCE offers the physical and virtual test platforms where next-level data-driven research is conducted and next-gen HSEC technologies are validated. The infrastructure is to facilitate the development of HS electrical machines operating in the megawatts power range by providing the facilities, access to data, technological know-how, and services required for knowledge base development and design validation. It will also promote growth and internationalization of the regional RDI clean-tech ecosystem.


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Academy of Finland


To develop the infrastructure and associated expertise into a new digital high-speed electromechanical energy conversion research infrastructure for data-driven informatics environment (DIGI-REINFORCE) where novel approaches and applications of physical sensors in the EMs generate data to obtain a more complete knowledge base that is required to broaden the understanding of multidisciplinary technology and better exploit the full potential of digital twin data modelling. The infrastructure will serve the research activities of LUT within its national and international role as a research partner of the Academy funded Centre of Excellence, and as a promoter of regional RDI ecosystem growth in clean-tech highspeed technology businesses. DIGI-REINFORCE RI is the needed push towards economic growth with digital solutions in green and energy-efficient EEC systems and it has a high local and regional impact.



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