The Finnish Doctoral Program Network in Artificial Intelligence launched in 2024 to build a world-class PhD program with quality supervision, mobility, and multi-disciplinarity as integral parts. The program is a joint effort of ten Finnish universities and will educate 100 new PhDs in artificial intelligence research.

The PhD students joining the program will benefit from:

  • Ability to do fully-funded, curiosity-driven research with high-quality supervision from experienced researchers
  • Multidisciplinary environment with experts both in fundamental machine learning research as well as several application areas
  • Built-in collaboration opportunities with industry
  • Support for international mobility periods and links to top international partners, through e.g., ELLIS AI network of excellence
  • Possibility to attend summer schools, research seminars, workshops and networking events
  • Access to high-end infrastructure, career training and support services

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Call for Doctoral Students in Artificial Intelligence


LUT University opens 5 3-year positions starting 1.8.2024 – 1.12.2024.

Recruitment for open positions takes place in two calls: the first one is open March 11–April 2, 2024 and the second will open in fall 2024.

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