Gold mining is very expensive industry and therefore opportunities resulting in low cost gold production are needed, which is spurring the utilization of secondary resources such as tailings and e-waste for gold recovery. In this project, new electrochemical reactor designs for this purpose are investigated. Additive manufacturing (AM, 3D-printing) will be effectively utilized in the construction of the cell components including especially electrodes. Electro-efficiency of the recovery systems are maximized in order to increase the sustainability of the novel processes. The expected main result is an environmentally friendly closed-loop gold recovery system that provides a viable option for any valuable/critical metal recycling from the secondary resources. Also, important information will be achieved from the utilizing AM technology in the production of complex geometries utilizing different starting materials.


Project funding:
Academy of Finland

Duration of the project:


The main scientific outcomes of this research project:

  1. new significant evidence about the recovery of valuable metals from the secondary resources by novel electrochemical cell designs.
  2. knowledge of utilization of AM technology in the construction of the electrochemical systems meant for metal leaching and recovery.

This information will increase awareness of available possibilities to recover gold and other valuable
metals from the secondary resources.


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