To achieve zero emissions and use clean energy in the most efficient way, vigorous action is taken to electrify different industrial and transportation segments. One example is the segment of off-road machinery. After road cars, tractors, excavators, and harvesters are now actively being equipped with electric drives. However, because of heavy loads in off-road applications, the electrical motors employed have a large number of poles and often nonstandard geometries. This situation leads to a need for special position sensors, which are required to implement a smooth and precise electric drive control. In the Resolvo project funded by Business Finland, a new measurement device is developed for commercialization. The stationary part of the device is made of modules allowing much freedom in the sensor design and breaking the limits for size and number of poles.

The advantages are

  • easy to design in any size
  • availability for motors with a large pole number
  • low price as a custom-made solution.

Project period:

Project funding:
Business Finland


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Project goals

The objective of the project is to create conditions for the introduction of an innovative resolver invented and developed at LUT University to the worldwide electrotechnical market. The final deliverables are

1. Experimental research:

  • results of applied research of resolver (FEM simulation)
  • results of experimental research of resolver (production of experimental samples of resolver to verify the rightness correctness of the theoretical research results and selection of the optimal technical and constructional solution)

2. Market research:

  • identification of potential customers and establishing a customer network
  • analysis of business models to enter the market
  • building a network with potential investors

Contact information

Project staff


Ville Hyyryläinen

LAB Project Manager,
Business & Market research

Sofia Ramos Velasquez

LAB Business & Market research

Eero Scherman

LAB Mechanical Engineer

Pasi Juvonen

LAB RDI Director