Climate change brought about by greenhouse gas emissions causes serious alterations in hydrosphere leading to, for example, noticeable global shifts in precipitation patterns. While local and regional water scarcity may be rapidly exacerbated by climate change, poor water quality is an even more prominent driver of water scarcity, collapses of social-ecological systems and risks to human health. Water quality is deteriorating globally because of a rise of anthropogenic contamination.


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Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

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The goal of VersaMOF project is to develop novel metal-organic-framework (MOF) materials that can be used in photocatalytic decomposition of pollutants both in aqueous and gaseous phase. These materials will help to tackle burning environmental problems, like water pollution and climate change though capture and conversion of nitrates, pharmaceuticals, and CO2. The main challenges are to develop materials that can be activated by visible light and are stable. MOFs industrial application further requires their immobilization as they are generated in a powder form. In this four-year project we will produce, characterize, and test those novel materials in laboratory scale and with the use of real wastewater.

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