The Chemical Separation Methods group (CSM) specializes in the applications of adsorption, ion exchange, chromatography, and extraction in biorefining, recycling of bio-based wastes, and water purification. We enhance the value of biomass through reaction engineering as well.

The cornerstone of our research is the understanding of fundamental phenomena and the properties of separation materials, along with related measurement methods. We describe these fundamental phenomena with mathematical models, which we apply in the simulation and optimization of unit operations to improve the energy and materials efficiency of industrial processes.


Research areas

  • Separation process design methodology
  • Continuous chromatographic separation processes (SMB)
  • Lignin removal, recovery, and purification processes
  • Converting cellulosic wastes into valuable organic acids
  • Separation and purification of carbohydrates from agricultural and forest biomass


In the Lahti laboratory, we can perform various adsorption-based separation processes in columns, with volumes ranging from milliliters to tens of liters. We are capable of purifying batches of biomass hydrolysate ranging from tens to even hundreds of liters.

In Lappeenranta, a continuous chromatography system consisting of several columns is available. It can be used to implement both cross-flow processes and Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) processes.

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