We are in the Department of Separation Science, focusing on multidisciplinary problems concerning the gas phase, including separation and purification, utilization (for energy or material), and storage. We are affiliated with Gas Processing Lab where we conduct experimental research on the synthesis, characterization, and testing of advanced materials for gas separation. Our theoretical research is focused on process design, modeling, simulation, and optimization using first principal and data-driven tools at process and molecular/atomistic scales. We have an especial interest in gas separation processes with capillary effects.



We currently target carbon capture and utilization; water alkaline electrolysis; medical Xe recycling; air pollution control with MOFs; process intensification; and atmospheric water harvesting applications.

Research areas

  1. Carbon capture and utilization
  2. Gas separation in alkaline water electrolysis
  3. Air pollution control
  4. Advanced materials for gas separation
  5. Thermodynamics of bulk and confined phase equilibria
  6. Process modeling, simulation, and optimization
  7. Molecular and atomistic modeling
  8. Transport in porous media



Our research group is funded by the Research Council of Finland, Business Finland, the European Regional Development Fund (EAKR), Janne and Aatos Erkko Foundation, Kone Foundation, Maa-ja vesitekniikon tuki (MVTT), the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM), and the LUT doctoral school.


  • Sorption breakthrough analyzer (mixSorb SHP, 3P Instruments)
  • Flow reactor (FR-100, Micromeritics)
  • Membrane set up (in tender)
  • Gas scrubber (K415-Quad, Buchi)
  • Atmospheric plasma (PlasmaBeam PC, Diener)
  • Microfluidics with pump (Dolomite)
  • Calcination furnace (RHTC 80-230/16, Nabertherm)
  • FTIR gas analytic (MATRIX MG5C, Bruker)
  • 2D gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (8890 GCGC-MS, Agilent)
  • Gas chromatography (990 Micro GC System, Agilent)
  • Safety alarm system (G7 Exo and G7C, Blackline Safety)
  • Circulating thermal bath (AC45 HC, ThermoFischer)
  • Controlled vacuum pump (VACUU PURE 10C, VACCUBRAND)
  • Analytical balance (MS304, Mettler Toledo) 
  • Spin coater (L2001A3, Ossila)
  • 3D printer, laser, CNC (A350, Snapmaker)


Group members