Laser processing is a general term for manufacturing of different products out of different material using laser beam. In addition to manufacturing research is done on other methods using laser beam.   

In general, laser processing is an efficient and sustainable method that is utilized e.g. joining, cutting and drilling of metals and non-metallic materials.

Laser processing also creates opportunities to reduce production lead times, improve product design and quality, and develop completely new types of products and production technologies.

In addition to welding, surface treatment and cutting of traditional metallic materials, the focus areas of research in the laboratory also include the processing of non-metallic materials. The latest focus is on the research of additive manufacturing methods, the so-called "3D printing".


Research areas

  • Strength of AM (additive manufacturing) parts.
  • Life-cycle analysis of additive manufactures parts
  • Design for AM
  • Education
  • Monitoring AM process
  • Laser processing monitor
  • Laser marking
  • Laser cutting
  • Laser based DED (direct energy deposition)  process


  • High power fiber lasers  (10 kW and 5 kW)
  • CO2 laser (2.7kW)
  • Laser hybrid welding equipment
  • High speed monitoring

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