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Created 3.5.2024
Updated 7.5.2024

Exploring LUT's cutting-edge mechanical engineering facilities

I always thought of LUT as a prestigious university. The fact I got in delighted me greatly, and upon coming here I realized all my expectations were matched and exceeded. 

I study mechanical engineering, which is a program that revolves around mechanics, structures and materials. Currently, I’m studying material composition and the design of components and calculating loads or forces on structures. 

LUT's main drawing point for me was its many high-end and up-to-date facilities, where students have access to different machines and constructs to do with as they please, within reason of course. For example, us students get to utilize the Jamie Hyneman Center, a state-of-the-art prototyping lab where we are encouraged to put theory to practice. 


Forging the future with a modular study plan

Modularity, the possibility to choose and personalize your own tailored study plan is just another reason for this university's greatness. It really allows you to mold the study plan around your needs, wishes and desires. 

Personally, it has helped me zone in on my interests and forge my future path. 


Figuring out Finland and making friends

The student culture is amazing, with many international as well as Finnish people mingling in a flurry of events, clubs and organizations. People from all walks of life and all sorts of places all conglomerated in one space, where they hang out, study together and make friends, is a sight to behold.

Finland itself is an almost idyllic place, the first snows are an unforgettable experience, the people are nice but quiet, and the culture and the language are beautiful. Being surrounded by nature, the lakes, the beautiful language and the welcoming culture is encouraging and healthy, helps me to study as well as have fun, and is a great experience overall.


Community support at LUT

That said, it's not as if I haven't had any challenges in living and studying here. The studies themselves are quite hard. Without the help of my peers, LUT tutors and approachable professors I would be lost. 

The Finnish language is a truly tall mountain to climb, and the culture took some getting used to. Thankfully LUT offers free language courses, and the guild activities as well as university events encourage us internationals to burst out of our bubble and make contact with the locals. 

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, and the constant slipping I do on the icy roads is a testament to that. 

With a little help from my friends and LUT services, life is pretty sweet here.
Luka Pauletic Grasic
LUT student

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