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Created 28.2.2024
Updated 6.3.2024

I have always been an indecisive but inquisitive person when it comes to what I want to learn about. In the past, I have constantly flip-flopped on what I want to study and have always wanted to try it all. It is exactly my curiosity about everything that makes me so glad to study at LUT.


When I first applied to LUT, I was dead set on studying computational engineering, but that was before I actually started to research different fields. After looking through LUT’s catalog of programs and finding Technology and Engineering Science, I figured that I would study energy technology. Nuclear energy had never been something that I feared, but instead, I saw it as a possible solution to the world’s growing energy demand and need to move away from harmful fossil fuels. I felt that I could make a great impact there, and I still do.



However, when I finally arrived at LUT and started taking courses, it started to dawn on me that mechanical engineering might be the right pathway for me. 

I love designing things, and my dream is to be a part of creating the ‘next big thing’. Having the right skill set in robotics or industrial design seemed like a perfect fit for me: an infinitely broad field for a constantly changing mind full of ideas.

Once I started courses in the field, I found that much of the coursework around mechanics, while engaging to learn, did not feel quite right for me. I lacked the draw to solve complex mechanical problems the same way my peers did. 

It wasn’t until I took courses in basic electronics that I realized electrical engineering was the way to go for me. The aspects of control and automation were complemented by my previous knowledge of software engineering and passion towards it in high school. I had always been interested in electronics and electrical systems. 

For the third time in one year, I decided to switch my major and see where electrical engineering would take me. When I eventually took the course Basic Electronics 2, which gave us an Arduino to mess around with, I fully realized that electrical engineering was the field that I wanted to study. Now, as I am ending my second year of studies, I feel content with my program and happy about my major and career path. 


At LUT, instead of being hindered in my studies by my constantly evolving idea of what I want my future to look like, I have received nothing but endless support and flexibility. I have never felt afraid of changing my mind. If it wasn’t for how flexible the program of Technology and Engineering Science was, I think that I would have easily gotten stuck in a major that I would have ended up not having any interest in or otherwise wasting time transferring from one program to another. Instead of having to do any of that, changing my mind and major was as easy as logging into my study platform. I could switch my major immediately with the click of a button. 

I cannot recommend Technology and Engineering Science highly enough. I feel that it has given me the chance to find out what my actual passion is, and it has never punished me for choosing wrong or changing my mind. I feel encouraged to try out new things instead of staying in one lane, and the experience I got from trying out different majors is something that I am sure will affect my career and studies for the rest of my life.

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Changing my mind and major was as easy as logging into my study platform and clicking a button to switch my major immediately.
Veeti Alatalo
LUT student

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