Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Study field
LUT Business School
180 ECTS credits
3 years
Study type
Degree studies
Form of study
Contact teaching
Start date
When to apply
Regular admission
8–22 January 2025, with degrees completed in Finland
Rolling admission
1 November 2024–15 April 2025, with degrees completed outside of Finland
Tuition fee
EUR 9 500/academic year for non EU/EEA students. No tuition fees for EU/EEA students.

In a relatively short period of time, companies have profoundly changed the way they look at their business operations. Sustainability has quickly become a key driver for business model changes, as both customers and legislators are pushing companies and public organisations to find solutions for products, services and processes that are better for the planet. Consequently, organisations now need international business experts who are able to examine and make sense of this changed global landscape.

In addition to understanding the global, systemic challenges related to the sustainability transition, companies need experts who can create value sustainably in international business, marketing and supply management. Companies need change-makers who want to solve today’s wicked problems while making a profit – sustainably.

The Bachelor's Programme in Sustainable International Business will give you a wide range of skills and capabilities to examine sustainability topics in the context of international business, marketing and supply management.

What will you learn in the programme?


You will build your business expertise on a strong foundation of general studies including the fundamentals of accounting, finance and economics, the principles of management and business strategy, mathematics and statistics for economics, academic writing, and professional communication.

Your specialisation studies will familiarize you with international business, cross-cultural issues and international entrepreneurship, international marketing and purchasing, professional sales, and business relationships in international value networks. In addition, the programme aims to develop your expertise beyond the basics of sustainability and CSR to managing sustainable value chains and designing actions towards the sustainability transition.

The programme also includes a considerable amount of language, communication and multicultural studies to support your future employment in Finland or internationally. You will graduate within three academic years with a modern skillset of theory application, communication, problem-solving and reflection.

Degree structure and studies


The Bachelor’s Programme in Sustainable International Business is a three-year programme. It leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration, B.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.), which is 180 ECTS credits.

The programme includes general, intermediate specialisation studies, language and communication as well as a Bachelor's thesis.

We strongly encourage you to include an international exchange period in your degree, utilising the wide range of LUT’s international partners when choosing your exchange university. In addition, if you are an international student planning a career in Finland, we strongly recommend you include 18–20 ECTS credits of Finnish studies in your degree.

Most of the studies will consist of contact teaching on the Lappeenranta campus. Some individual courses may also be partly or fully online. You will find the attendance requirements for each course in the course descriptions.



Career prospects


After graduating from the Bachelor's Programme in Sustainable International Business, you can choose a career path in industrial or public organisations as a product or business development manager, international sales or supply chain manager or export manager. Your professional duties may also relate to sustainability development, communication or reporting in various roles – with a strong international flavour.


If you want to continue in the academic field, the bachelor's degree also gives you a direct route to further studies in the following master's programmes of LUT Business School: Master’s Programme in International Business and Entrepreneurship, Master’s Programme in Supply Management and Master’s Programme in International Marketing Management.

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