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Open University courses are mainly organised as integrated courses, which means that there are a few study places in undergraduate courses reserved for open university students. Intensive courses are organised in the spring only in mathematics. The forms and methods of teaching used vary from course to course and are indicated in the course description.

The quality and standard of Open University courses are equivalent to those of university courses taught at LUT. Some courses may require upper secondary school level knowledge in the field of study. If a course has some pre-requisites, they are indicated in the course descriptions. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are able to complete the course.


The literature related to the course is mentioned in the description. Books can be borrowed from the LUT Academic Library.


Open University students who have attended the course in question at the Open University and paid the course fee can register for the exams. 

Open University students register for examinations by sending email to a week before the exam at the latest. Late registration for the exam costs 40 €.

The exams follow the university's guidelines for examinations.

The exams are graded on a scale of excellent 5, very good 4, good 3, very satisfactory 2, satisfactory 1 and fail 0. The grading can also be pass or fail without a grade.

The course grade is entered in the Sisu student register within one month of the exam date. You can also ask for your grades at

Sisu student register

All credits completed at the Open University are recorded in the Sisu study register.

electronically signed transcript of your

Open University students can log in to Sisu and print out an electronically signed transcript of their studies. The transcript can also be requested by e-mail at