Our university's two campuses are located in Lappeenranta and Lahti, where the basic blocks of student life fall into place right from the beginning. Already for decades, this has been seen to by students in the technical and economic fields. They've built a community where everyone is taken care of. We don't leave a friend behind, regardless of whether they are enrolled in a technical or economic field of study at LUT University, or studying at the LAB University of Applied Sciences.

Because everyone is helped out and treated in a friendly manner, it is really easy to get involved in various events, clubs, guilds and other hobbies. Thanks to the excellent atmosphere and memorable experiences, there is one thing that unites those who started their studies with us and those who have already graduated from LUT: the time spent as a student has been the best time of their life to date. 

The combination of compactly designed and excellently serviced campuses, high-quality education and a unique team spirit is an invaluable experience for most of our students, remembered even after decades with a smile.

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