Preparations for your arrival

When you have received confirmation of your acceptance to LUT, start to prepare for your arrival - below you find most important issues.

Residence permit

Citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland

When your study period exceeds 3 months, you are required to register the residence at the Service point of Finnish Immigration Service or via eServices of Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI). A valid passport or national ID is required. If you submit the application via eServices, you need to visit the service point of Finnish Immigration Service in Lappeenranta within one month to confirm your identity and present original copies of the attachments required for your application.

Citizens of other countries

You must have a valid passport and a residence permit in order to enter Finland. A visa is not accepted. As it can take several months to issue residence permits, we recommend that you allow sufficient time to apply for your residence permit.

  • Once you have received the Certificate of Admission, submit your application electronically at Finnish Immigration Service's (MIGRI) eServices. You can also submit the application to a Finnish embassy in your home country or in a country in which you are legally residing. Applying electronically is the fastest way to get the decision to your application.
  • Due to biometrics, fingerprints are collected from all applicants. All students are required to visit a Finnish embassy in person to give their fingerprints, no exceptions are made. Your application will not be processed before you have given biometric details at the embassy.
  • Take the originals of all your documents with you to the embassy even if you have submitted your application electronically.
  • The Finnish Immigration Service makes an order for a biometric residence permit card if a positive decision is made. It takes one to two weeks on an average for the card to arrive at the embassy. It is not possible to expedite the delivery.

Do not apply for a visa because it does not cover your full study period (4-9 months)!

It is advisable to apply for the residence permit for a longer period than the actual study period, for example, one week before the semester starts and one week after the semester has ended. Note that your health insurance must cover the period that your residence permit is valid. 

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Compulsory health insurance

Citizens of EU/EEA Countries and Switzerland

You must have adequate health/travel insurance while you are studying at LUT. Citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland only need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the social security authorities from their home country. Holders of EHIC cards are entitled to the same benefits provided by the Finnish Insurance Institution as Finnish citizens. Private insurance for acute illnesses and accidents is highly recommended.

Citizens of other countries

When you submit a residence permit application you must attach details of your comprehensive health insurance coverage to your application. Comprehensive insurance is insurance that covers the types of treatment and costs that are covered by municipal health care services and the public health insurance system.

To obtain a residence permit, you must have valid health insurance provided by a reliable and solvent company or institution. Students whose period of studies is less than two years must have private insurance that covers the costs of medical treatment up to a value of EUR 100,000 (the cost level in 2007). For further information, please see Finnish Immigration Service.

You must have insurance coverage when you apply for a residence permit; otherwise your request for a resident permit will be rejected. Residence permits cannot be issued for periods that exceed the period of the insurance coverage.

For further information, please contact Finnish missions abroad or the Finnish Immigration Service.

Marsh/SIP insurance

LUT has negotiated health insurance deals with Marsh/SIP. To buy the Marsh SIP insurance, please go to the Marsh/SIP web page. This website allows you to purchase your health insurance online with a credit card. If you have any questions about the insurance, you must contact Marsh directly (see their "contact us" section of the website).

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As soon as you receive an e-mail confirming your acceptance at LUT, you are advised to apply for accommodation from the Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS). 

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Bank account

If you come from a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country, it is not necessary to open a bank account in Finland. Get your bank's IBAN/BIC/SWIFT code(s) and full contact details needed for international money transfers. Also check the costs and the time needed to transfer money from your home country to Finland.

However, if you wish to open a bank account in Finland, it is easy to arrange and free of charge. Students who have a Finnish bank account can use a Finnish ATM card to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay bills on the internet. However, internet access codes are given only if the study period exceeds six months. Most money transfers in Finland are made via the internet, and this is also the cheapest way of paying bills. Cheques are not used in ordinary banking.

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Contact information

LUT International Services

Ms. Jutta Lankinen
International Coordinator
tel. +358 40 667 1430