Learning outcomes

As a graduate engineer in software design and the digital revolution, you develop profitable, sustainable and user-friendly solutions for different needs.

You understand that software and IT hardware are also tools for solutions: they often serve as an essential support for other disciplines, in addition to creating opportunities and services themselves.

After completing the major studies in the Bachelor's programme in Software and Systems Engineering, you will be able to participate in software system and service development projects as a developer. You will learn scientific thinking and be prepared for scientific work. You will gain the ability to utilise knowledge of math and science to solve problems.

You will learn to take into account aspects of digitalisation, information management and sustainable development when designing software. You will be able to utilise logical thinking and science to solve problems and apply what you have learned to the real challenges that personal and professional life offers the university.

The business perspective in your studies will help you outline what kind of tools you can use to create software and how you will be employed when you graduate. Already during your studies, you can take advantage of the university's start-up and software development platforms and develop your own business. At LUT University, you can further deepen your commercial skills as a developer of new products and services.

At the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • develop complex and scalable software by applying the principles, tools and processes of software production theory, as well as theories and methods of information technology and mathematics,
  • demonstrated knowledge of the principles and industry expertise of software production and choose the most appropriate solutions to the problem at hand,
  • understands the basic principles of working group dynamics and is able to participate in software projects in heterogeneous teams,
  • identify, analyse, and define the software needs of the parties involved in a project,
  • understand IT-related business, entrepreneurship and innovation models.


Software and Systems Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Technology, double degree

180 ECTS credits

3 + 2 years
(3 years of Bachelor's studies + 2 years of Master's studies)

Start date
August 2021


Academic unit
LUT School of Energy Systems


Tuition fee
EUR 9 000/academic year
(non EU/EEA students)

Available from the second year

Next application period
7 – 21 January 2021

Contact information (programme content)
Jussi Kasurinen, Head of the Programme
e-mail: jussi.kasurinen@lut.fi
tel. +358 50 436 0146