Lahti campus

City of Lahti

Lahti is a city of approximately 120 000 residents. It is a city of beautiful nature, exciting sporting events, vibrant culture and excellent leisure time facilities. Located by the Lake Vesijärvi and close to the buzz of the capital city Helsinki it offers a stimulating and safe studying environment for both Finnish and international students.

This city is known for its sports venues and is appreciated around the world for its design expertise and high-quality cultural services. The three core issues of the city's competitiveness strategy are the circular economy, a combination of design and digitalisation, and an active lifestyle and sports.

Lahti is located in the southern part of Finland and it is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. It is known for its environmental expertise and for being a renowned design center. Lahti hosts a great variety of activities throughout the year, from cultural to world class sporting events.

The expertise in the Lahti region is based on creative, cross-industry development where companies work in close co-operation with academic, research and development organisations.

In the Lahti, you can experience both vibrant urban life and nature's tranquility. It offers the best of both worlds: the attractiveness, intimate cosines and originality of a small town, yet the services, efficiency and logistics of a major city.


LUT University's Lahti campus is located in the district of Niemi, three kilometers from the Lahti city centre. The campus is smaller than the campus in Lappeenranta and at the moment, student services on the Lappeenranta campus offer study and guidance services for students studying on the Lahti campus. However, starting from autumn 2020 some study services will be available also on the Lahti campus for students studying in LUT Master's programmes in Lahti.

The new campus in Lahti is a modern learning environment which is built on former factory premises. Mixing old and new provides a unique and inspiring setting for learning and working. NiemiCampus creates engaging learning environments supporting multidisciplinary working and a shared use of services and spaces.

Facts about the Lahti campus

  • 24/7 access to university buildings
  • Student discount on meals at the campus restaurant
  • Many companies under the same roof
  • Exhibition space for events
  • Sports services for students and staff
  • Location 500 meters from the Niemi Harbor by Lake Vesijärvi


Students who start their studies in LUT programmes on the Lahti campus (Circular Economy, Industrial Design Engineering, or Software Product Management and Business) can apply for student accommodation in Oppilastalo Oy

The student apartments are usually for two to three persons, with a private room and a communal kitchen and bathroom. There are separate apartments men and women. Apartments include basic furniture: beds and desks in the bedroom and a dining table with chairs in the kitchen.