Residence permit for exchange students

For more information conserning the residence permits for exchange students, please see "Exchange studies".

Residence permit for degree students

International degree student must generally have a valid passport and, in the case of the majority of non-European citizens, a residence permit in order to enter Finland. As it can take several months to issue residence permits, we recommend that you allow sufficient time to apply for your residence permit.

Where do I apply for a residence permit?

  • Submit your application electronically at Finnish Immigration Service's (MIGRI) eServices. You can also submit the application to a Finnish embassy in your home country or in a country in which you are legally residing. Applying electronically is the fastest way to get the decision to your application.
  • Due to biometrics, fingerprints are collected from all applicants. All students are required to visit a Finnish embassy in person to give their fingerprints, no exceptions are made. Your application will not be processed before you have given biometric details at the embassy.
  • Take the originals of all your documents with you to the embassy even if you have submitted your application electronically.
  • The Finnish Immigration Services makes an order for a biometric residence permit card if a positive decision is made. It takes one to two weeks on an average for the card to arrive at the embassy. It is not possible to expedite the delivery.

Why do I need an LUT Certificate of Acceptance when applying for my residence permit?

Students who have been admitted to a Finnish university and have a valid passport may apply for a residence permit. Consequently, applications for residence permits must include a copy of the Certificate of Acceptance letter stating that the applicant has been accepted as a full-time student at a recognized institution of higher education. The Certificate of Acceptance letter contains details of the degree you intend to complete as well as the approximate duration of studies.

Why is a statement of finances required?

In addition to proving that you have been accepted to study at LUT, you must also demonstrate that your funds will cover your expenses in Finland during your studies.

As a rule, foreign citizens do not qualify for student financial aid from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland in the same way as Finnish citizens. Individual students' average living expenses (housing, food, transportation, personal welfare, hobbies etc.) are estimated at around EUR 700 per month. Students must also cover their travel expenses and health insurance policies.

Before a residence permit can be granted, you must demonstrate that you have an amount of approx. EUR 6,000 available (a bank deposit, a scholarship, a loan etc.) for transfer to your account for study purposes per academic year (in 2012). Please contact the nearest Finnish diplomatic mission for further details.

Please check the official notice regarding residence in Finland on the Finnish Immigration Service's website.