Degree structure and studies

The Master's Programme in International Marketing Management is a two-year programme. It leads to the degree of Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.), which is 120 ECTS credits.

The programme includes core studies, specialisation studies, minor studies and language studies.

Core studies (48 ECTS credits) include courses on strategic marketing, the internationalisation of firms, the marketing of high technology products and innovations, and digital marketing.

Specialisation studies (42 ECTS credits) include topics such as planning, organising, implementing and managing international marketing activities, and international entrepreneurship and marketing.

Master's thesis, 30 ECTS credits, is a part of specialisation studies. The thesis is an advanced research project, which requires approximately six months of full-time work. Students complete it during their fourth semester.

Minor studies (24-25 ECTS credits) deal with sustainability, digitalisation and business analytics, supply management, international business and entrepreneurship

Language studies (excl. English), 6 ECTS credits.

You can find the most recent information about available courses and degree structures in the LUT study guide.

Dual degree studies (double degree)

The MIMM programme also offers a possibility for dual degree studies. Students admitted to the dual degree programme receive a degree certificate from two universities after they have fulfilled the degree requirements of both universities.

The MIMM dual degree partner universities are:

Students admitted to complete the Master's degree in the MIMM programme at LUT or in the above mentioned universities may apply to the dual degree programme.

More information about the dual degree application process for LUT students     

Students from above mentioned universities should contact their own university for more information about the application process.

"Dual degree opened my eyes for whole new career paths"

Salla Lukkari
International Marketing Management

International Marketing Management

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

120 ECTS credits

2 years

Start date
August 2021


Tuition fees and scholarships
EUR 10 000 Non-EU/EEA students
Scholarships available

Academic unit
LUT School of Business and Management


Regular application period
1 December 2020 − 20 January 2021

Rolling admission
1 October 2020 − 31 May 2021

Admissions Services

Kaisa Qvist - MIMM Alumna
Anna Kajava - MIMM Alumna