Intended learning outcomes

You will acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of international business strategy processes of all types of firms and be able to outline the current challenges in international marketing and possess skills to propose solutions to them.

You will be able to interpret the special characteristics of an international knowledge-intensive environment and innovations and their role in marketing decision-making.

You will also learn how to apply different marketing tools and strategies in the context of technology and knowledge-intensive markets and how to analyse and criticise firms' strategic marketing decisions in these markets.

After completing this degree programme you will have acquired comprehensive theoretical and practical competencies in strategic international marketing management in turbulent global environments.

You will develop your competencies in analytical skills, intercultural issues and combining business and technology.

"The university's proximity to Russia and its role as a hub of European and Russian relations has made LUT aneven more attractive choice for me"

Anne Polak
International Marketing Management

You will

  • understand and assess the challenges of turbulent business environments
  • be able to evaluate and design sustainable strategies in such environments either in marketing, international business and/or technology management fields and in their intersection
  • be able to apply relevant business skills
  • be able to acquire and develop relevant additional knowledge and skills to support subject-based expertise and international readiness and personal development
  • be able to conduct and report on an independent scientific research project
  • be able to utilise strong analytical skills and apply tools required for professional practices
  • be able to show a market‐oriented, global, entrepreneurial and sustainable mindset

You will have an understanding of the characteristics of the international market environment and will be familiar with theories and strategies of firm internationalisation and multinational enterprises. In a market-oriented manner, you will also view marketing as a strategic orientation of a firm.

You will develop an innovative mindset and see dynamic business environments as opportunities, and you will be trained to make strategic marketing decisions in such environments.

Having an innovative mindset, you will

  • be able to work together with specialists from different functional backgrounds
  • have an ability to challenge existing ways of thinking, strategies, and operating models (strategic flexibility)
  • understand the ethical consequences of strategic decisions towards all stakeholders
  • possess comprehensive/holistic awareness of how technologies and innovations shape organisations, the market, society, and the environment

International Marketing Management

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

120 ECTS credits

2 years


Tuition Fees and Scholarships
EUR 10 000 Non-EU/EEA students
Scholarships available

Academic unit
LUT School of Business and Management


Regular Admission
December 2019−January 2020

Rolling Admission
1 October 2019−31 May 2020

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