Intended learning outcomes

After having completed the programme, you will learn to manage environmental issues in a way that profits business and the environment, to utilise life cycle modelling and to make sustainable decisions in demanding situations.

You will learn to recognise opportunities offered by new technological innovations to promote sustainable development.

You will:

  • recognise the most significant environmental impacts of products and processes and their importance in terms of business;
  • understand the requirements of systemic change;
  • be able to analyse how competitive in terms of environmental impacts and costs a certain technology, product or service is in different operating environments;
  • be able to assess the technical possibilities of industrial, service, community, and primary production processes and systems to minimise environmental impacts;
  • be able to explain the complex interdependencies of both local and global environmental problems,
  • be able to apply theories and the most recent scientific knowledge to solve problems involving environmental aspects;
  • be able to work as an environmental expert in a range of decision-making situations and produce and convey information to support stakeholders in environmental decision-making;
  • be able to adopt and innovate new technical solutions to develop the environmental sector;
  • be able to apply theories to find the most sustainable product or process design.

Sustainability Science and Solutions

Master of Science in Technology

120 ECTS credits

2 years

Start date
August 2021


Tuition fees and scholarships
EUR 10 000 Non-EU/EEA students
Scholarships available

Academic unit
LUT School of Energy Systems


Regular application period
1 December 2020 − 20 January 2021

Rolling admission
1 October 2020 − 31 May 2021

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