Master's Programmes in Mechanical Engineering

Machines have enabled many seemingly unrealistic ideas and have facilitated a multitude of challenging functions.

Machine science is one of the oldest and most traditional of the engineering sciences characterised by a strong desire to think differently and effect change in the world.

Modern engineering is a combination of innovative, purposeful, and creative product development, a wide range of computer-aided design technologies, and techno-economically efficient production methodologies.

"My goal is to start my own company in the field of mechanical engineering"

Bikash Panthi
Mechanical Engineering

At LUT, we have the expertise and ambition necessary to find new and sustainable solutions to fulfil the needs of science, business, and society. Our research is lifespan oriented, and our innovation process considers the entire value chain. That is how we provide optimal solutions to global environmental and economic challenges.

To ensure your place at the frontline of modern technology, you can join two different Master's Programmes in the field of Mechanical Engineering: