Dress code

Dress code (pdf)

The attire of participants plays an important role on this dignified occasion. One's attire in the conferment ceremony indicates that one belongs to a certain group, such as the promovendi and their companions, or guests. It is also indicative of the nature of the occasion. Therefore, the university has a detailed dress code for both the promovendi and guests.

Guests who own a doctoral hat wear it in the conferment ceremony. The guests carry their hats into the auditorium in their left hand, the lyre facing forward, and place it on their head at the same time as the conferrer. The doctoral hat is to be treated in a dignified manner.  For example, it should not be placed upside down on the table.

Purchasing the Doctoral hat

Young doctors are expected to independently purchase a doctoral hat and a lyre to be attached to it   and a sword for the conferment. The lyre is usually purchased via the hat store.

LUT's doctoral hat is black and adorned with the golden lyre of the university. Several hat manufactures make doctoral hats. The manufactures differ from one another with regard to the materials used, the place and method on manufacturing, and the price of the hat.

It is wise to order the hat well before the conferment ceremony, as it is manufactured by hand to fit personal measurements, which are usually taken in the hat store. Further instructions on how to take the measurements can be obtained from hat manufactures. Below you will find contact details of some manufactures who make doctoral hats:

Hat manufacturers might be prepared to visit the campus to take the measurements for doctoral hats for large groups at a time. Young doctors, please organize a measurement event together.

It is also possible to use a borrowed hat in the doctoral conferment ceremony. However, when using the borrowed hat it should be LUT´s doctoral hat adorned with the LUT lyre.

D. Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm. and Philosophy) can order the sword (price 289 €) from Suomen Kultakello Oy, asiakaspalvelu@suomenkultakello.fi; When you make the order, please remember to mention the length of the sword, either 85 cm or 95 cm. Delivery time of swords is approx. 1-2 weeks (larger amount approx. 3-5 weeks).


LUT offers the Sword Sharpening Ceremony´s buffet and the Conferment dinner for each young doctor (avec).  

Each young doctor is responsible for other expenses:  dressing, hat, sword (doctors of Econ. & Bus. Adm. and Philosophy), accommodation and travel expenses. 

Contact us

Please ask more information about events promootio17@lut.fi

The general arrangements for the Ceremonial Conferment:

Kaija Napari, kaija.napari@lut.fi, tel. +358 40 565 3615