Honorary doctors

LUT will award 14 honorary doctorates in its upcoming doctoral conferment ceremony. An honorary doctorate is the highest honour bestowed by a university.


Chairman of the Board Mika Anttonen

Mika Anttonen, founder and main shareholder of the energy company St1, has lengthy experience in the international trade of liquid fuels and the distributed production of renewable energy.

Anttonen has in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of the energy field and a genuine desire to find solutions to global challenges. Anttonen is currently Chairman of the Board of Executives at St1 and has received several awards related to renewable energy and management.

He open-mindedly develops and revolutionises the energy industry and is fit to champion the LUT Trailblazer strategy. Anttonen is also a member of the LUT Advisory Board.

Professor Paula Eerola

Professor Paula Eerola from the University of Helsinki is the director of the Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP), which is a joint research institute of the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, the University of Jyväskylä, Lappeenranta University of Technology, and Tampere University of Technology.

HIP is responsible for the Finnish research collaboration with CERN and with the FAIR laboratory under construction in Darmstadt. Eerola has a research background in particle physics and her research interests include particle physics in with the CMS experiment at in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and experimental methods and devices for physics experiments and their applications to new areas. She has over 600 peer-reviewed publications.

Eerola is the chair of the Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering at the Academy of Finland. At HIP, Eerola has also influenced the scientific level of LUT and the high quality of LUT's publications. In addition, Paula Eerola has acted as an opponent at LUT.

Product Developer Jamie Hyneman

Jamie Hyneman is a bold, entrepreneurial trailblazer popularising science and technology. Co-hosting Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel for 14 years, Hyneman has in his own unique style significantly increased the appeal of technology as a field of study.

Hyneman has been awarded several honorary doctorates, the Washburn Award (Museum of Science, Boston, USA) for his contribution to the public understanding and appreciation of science, and numerous patents.

Hyneman currently employs his experience in managing surprising, high-risk situations in the development of new technologies for industry and public safety.(Further information on Hyneman)

Professor Monika Ivantysynova

Professor Monika Ivantysynova has during her career significantly advocated the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from construction machines and vehicles including hydraulic systems.

Ivantysynova, chairing a number of organisations that evaluate Finnish mechanical engineering research, has made a valuable contribution to the development of mechanical engineering research at LUT in, for instance, the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) in 2012.

Ivantysynova's merits also include being appointed as a scientific board member of the Fluid Power Net International (FPNI) and as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Fluid Power. 

Professor Janusz Kacprzyk

Professor Kacprzyk is a world-class expert in fuzzy sets and soft computing.

In the LUT strategy, his expertise relates to sustainability in especially water consumption and waste, and decision-making and big data in digitalisation.

Kacprzyk holds a number of international scientific positions of trust, and he is also an active visiting professor in many countries. He is editor-in-chief of several scientific journals and has won various international science awards.

Professor Victor Karkhin

Professor Victor A. Karkhin has decades of international experience as an expert in manufacturing technology and especially welding and material technology.

His contributions to the design and construction of Arctic and otherwise demanding structures have been considerable. Karkhin has also been LUT's liaison in international research projects and organisations. Professor Karkhin's publication history is extensive and impressive.

During his long-standing cooperation with LUT, he has been actively involved in establishing joint research projects and double degree programmes between the LUT School of Energy Systems and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Karkhin cooperates closely and continuously with LUT, as he has been a supervisor and opponent for numerous dissertations at the university.

Professor Kalle Lyytinen

Professor Kalle Lyytinen is a highly credited information systems researcher whose work merges information systems research and software engineering with the development and innovation processes of organisations.

Lyytinen's high-level innovation research focuses on how digital innovations shape organisations. He is by far the most cited Finnish researcher in his field.

Lyytinen's research is a prime example of the importance and possibilities of multidisciplinary research collaboration and of what the LUT School of Business and Management (LBM) aspires to in its multidisciplinary research.

Managing Director Pekka Tiitinen

Pekka Tiitinen, Managing Director of ABB Finland, has extensive experience in international management in the ABB Group.

Tiitinen also has strong expertise in modern electric drives and industrial automation and a number of patents and scientific publications related to frequency converters.

Tiitinen has played a key role in launching and developing the activity of LUT's Carelian Drives and Motor Center. The research collaboration between LUT and ABB has led a significant number of LUT technology students to complete their Master's and doctoral degrees.


Professori Constance E. Helfat

Constance E. Helfat is a world-leading expert in modern strategy research. She has built an impressive career in the world's most highly regarded business schools.

Helfat actively cooperates with strategy researchers at the LUT School of Business and Management, and she has received LUT's Viipuri award for her academic achievements in 2014. (Further information on Helfat)

President and Group Executive Chairman Reijo Karhinen

President and Group Executive Chairman Reijo Karhinen is an experienced director and leading figure in responsible business and cooperative entrepreneurship, and consequently has clear ties to LUT research.

Karhinen obtained his Master's degree in business administration from Turku School of Economics, has extensive experience in management duties within the OP Group and has held a number of important positions of trust, such as Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for Economic Education.

Karhinen has already been awarded honorary doctorates at Turku School of Economics and the University of Eastern Finland, and the Finnish honorary title vuorineuvos.

Principal Associate Christian H.M. Ketels

Principal Associate Christian H.M. Ketels is a Harvard Business School faculty member at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness. In addition, he frequently lectures at universities around the world.

Ketels's research field is regional and national competitiveness, with a special interest in Europe. Ketels is best known for his annual reports on the competitive position of the Baltic Sea Region, which he has produced since 2004.

The reports examine the competitiveness and future scenarios of different countries and regions.

Angel Investor Ari Korhonen

Ari Korhonen is an entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist, and shareholder in several technology companies.

The Finnish Business Angels Network FiBAN selected him as the Finnish Business Angel of the Year in 2014. Korhonen is one of the co-founders of FiBAN and is currently also one of the vice-presidents of the European umbrella organisation for angel investors, EBAN.

In addition, Korhonen is an a member of the LUT Advisory Board, which promotes LUT's research, education and societal impact.

Board Member Olli Rehn

Olli Rehn is a board member of the Bank of Finland and an experienced statesman and political figure in Finland and the EU.

Rehn's extensive expertise in industry, innovation and energy policy issues is connected with LUT's focus areas. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford in 1996 in the field of international economics.

Olli Rehn has held a number of international positions, such as that of Vice-President of the European Commission from 2011 to 2014. He was also Minister of Economic Affairs in Prime Minister Sipilä's cabinet from 2015 to 2016.

Master of Laws with court training Risto Voipio

Risto Voipio, Master of Laws with court training, is a chairman or key figure in several foundations and associations, such as Karjalan Kulttuurirahasto and the Eevi and Eemil Tanninen foundation.

For years, Voipio has actively fostered the Karelian cultural heritage and education and science at LUT.

Voipio has spent most of his career in the service of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, for example in the Church Council from 1994 to 2013. He has undertaken a number of positions of trust.

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