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Clean energy, water and air are life-giving resources for which we at LUT University seek new solutions with our expertise in technology and business. We help society and businesses in their sustainable renewal. Our international community consists of 6 500 members. Our campuses are in Lappeenranta and Lahti, Finland.

We have grouped our experts under the following categories based on their fields of expertise:

Our university's cross-scientific research platforms and thier leaders are introduced in the research platforms -section.

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Researchers and experts in energy

The research performed by the energy experts working at LUT covers a wide range of technologies and systems required for the production, transfer, distribution and use of energy from equipment manufacture and fuels all the way to energy consumption.

Christian Breyer

Professor of Solar Economy
LUT School of Energy Systems

Tel. +358 50 443 1929
Twitter: ChristianOnRE

Publications and CV: LUT Research Portal and ResearchGate

Specialisation and interests:

  • Solar economy; economic impact of solar, wind, hydro, bio and tidal energy technology on energy systems
  • Energy revolution; 100 % renewable energy scenarios on a local but also global scale
  • Hybrid energy solutions; electricity, gas, heat

Jero Ahola

Professor of Energy Efficiency
LUT School of Energy Systems
Director of REFLEX-platform

Tel. +358 40 529 8524
Twitter: @JeroAhola

Specialisation and interests:

  • Use of electrical energy and energy efficiency
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Future energy system
  • Hydrogen production by electrolysis and storing of the produced hydrogen

Juhani Hyvärinen

Professor of Modelling in Nuclear Engineering
LUT School of Energy Systems

Tel. +358 50 524 1512

Specialisation and interests:

  • Technology of nuclear power plants
  • Temperature and flow technical modelling of nuclear power plants
  • Safety of nuclear power plants
  • Nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants in the future
  • Failure and accident analyses
  • Nuclear fuel and nuclear waste management

Esa Vakkilainen

Professor of Energy Technology, power plants and bioenergy
LUT School of Energy Systems

Tel. +358 40 357 8684
Twitter: @EsaVakkilainen

Specialisation and interests:

  • Costs and effects of energy production
  • Bioenergy: biochar, pyrolysis, gasification, biofuel boilers
  • Forest industry energy and emissions
  • Use of renewable energy

Juha Pyrhönen

Professor of Electric Drive Technology
LUT School of Energy Systems

Tel. +358 40 571 1645

Specialisation and interests:

  • Electromagnetics adaptations
  • Energy-efficient electric motors and electric motor uses
  • Power electronics and high-speed technology
  • Energy systems and environment
  • Decentralised energy production and electricity storage

Researchers and experts in data science

Ajantha Dahanayake

Ajantha Dahanayake

Professor in Data Management
LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. +358 50 324 5353

Erityisala ja kiinnostuksen kohteet:

  • Data intensive software systems
  • Digital Transformation and digital platforms
  • Big Data management and digital solutions
  • Software systems and applications
  • Conceptual modeling and Modeling theory
  • Method Engineering

Kari Smolander

Professor of Software Engineering
LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. +358 40 5463 493
Twitter: @smoltron

Specialisation and interests:

  • Software and systems development
  • Digital platforms and platform business
  • Digitalization and digital transformation
  • Software business
  • Systems integration

Heikki Kälviäinen

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. +358 40 586 7552

Specialisation and interests:

  • Machine vision and pattern recognition
  • Digital image processing and image analysis
  • Industrial machine vision applications
  • Medical image processing
  • Machine learning, data mining and big data

Heikki Haario

Professor of Computational Engineering
LUT School of Engineering Science
Director of the RED research platform

Tel.: +358 400 814 092

Specialisation and interests:

  • Inverse problems, parameter estimation and model verification
  • Data analysis, test designs
  • Modelling of industrial processes, simulation of unit operations
  • Heavy computing methods, especially weather and climate models

Lasse Lensu

Lasse Lensu

Professor of Machine Vision and Data Analysis
LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. +358 40 759 1720
LUT Research Portal -profi

Specialisation and interests:

  • Machine vision and pattern recognition
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Data analytics
  • Digital imaging
  • Medical image analysis
  • Industrial machine vision applications


Jari Porras

Professor of Software Technology
LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. +358 400 555 427

Specialisation and interests:

  • ICT and sustainable development
  • Digital transformation and datafication
  • Software solutions based on big and open data
  • Communications technologies and mobile applications
  • Education development

Researchers and experts in water purification

LUT experts in water purification study the purification of wastewater and raw water, the recovery of chemicals from industrial processes and the efficient recycling of process waters and develop environmentally friendly methods for solving water-related problems.

Mika Mänttäri

Professor of Membrane Technology
LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. +358 40 734 2192

Specialisation and interests:

  • Water purification methods
  • Environmentally friendly separation processes
  • Membrane technology

Mari Kallioinen

Professor of Separation Technology
LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. +358 40 593 9881
Twitter: @MariKallioinen

Specialisation and interests:

  • Membrane technology
  • Water treatment methods
  • Biorefining processes
  • Circular economy

Researchers and experts in circular economy

In line with life cycle thinking, LUT experts in circular economy study larger entities and take into account the sustainable design of new applications, material choices, technological solutions and their environmental impacts, manufacturability, usability and energy efficiency.

Mika Horttanainen

Professor at LUT School of Energy Systems,
Environmental Engineering, Waste Management Technology

Tel. +358 40 848 5850

Specialisation and interests:

  • Waste management technology
  • Waste management systems
  • Waste energy recovery
  • Systems analysis of waste management systems

Juha Varis

Professor of Production Technology
LUT School of Energy Systems

Tel. +358 40 501 7478

Specialisation and interests:

  • Manufacturing techniques of machine shops: especially manufacturing thin sheet products and chipping processing
  • Development of production systems
  • Further processing cardboard to food product packaging especially concerning machinery and equipment
  • Re-materialisation of waste and industrial side stream

Lassi Linnanen

Professor of Environment Technology,
environmental economy and management
LUT School of Energy Systems

Tel. +358 50 550 3305
Twitter: @LassiLinnanen

Specialisation and interests:

  • Systemic sustainability change
  • Circular economy
  • Commercialising environment innovations
  • Energy and environment policy
  • Social responsibility of companies

Researchers and experts in economy

The research of LUT experts in economy combines expertise in economy with expertise in engineering and covers factors that lead to sustainable value creation, i.e. approaches that will ensure that companies are successful in international competition and, at the same time, operate in a way that is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

Sami Saarenketo

Professor of International Marketing, especially internationalisation of SMEs
Director of LUT School of Business and Management

Tel. +358 50 308 6181
Twitter: @Saarenke

Specialisation and interests:

  • International marketing and international entrepreneurship
  • Internationalisation of businesses, especially so-called born global firms
  • Knowledge-intensive businesses, especially ICT and software companies
  • Partnerships and networks

Kirsimarja Blomqvist

Professor of Information Management
LUT School of Business and Management

Tel. +358 40 755 1693
Twitter: @KirsimarjaB

Specialisation and interests:

  • Knowledge management and innovation
  • Partnerships, networks and ecosystems
  • Digitalisation and new forms of organisations
  • Dynamic of trust in working and business life

Vesa Harmaakorpi

Professor at LUT School of Engineering Science

Tel. 040 575 1965

Specialisation and interests:

  • Innovation systems

Karl-Erik Michelsen

Professor at LUT School of Business and Management

Tel. +358 40 512 0527
Twitter: @KALmich

Specialisation and interests:

  • Business growth and change
  • Business and society interaction
  • Innovations and innovation systems
  • Entrepreneurship and family businesses
  • Historical perspective on qualitative methods of analysis
  • Master's and doctoral education

Sanna-Katriina Asikainen

Mikael Collan

Professor of Strategic Finance
Member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters 
LUT School of Business and Management

Tel. +358 50 5567 185
Twitter: @MikaelCollan

Specialisation and interests:

  • Analytics and digitalisation in business development
  • Investment profitability calculation
  • Real options analysis
  • Business models of the manufacturing industry (Manufacturing 4.0, 3D-printing)
  • Growd funding and digitalisation of the finance sector
  • Economy of the electricity transmission investments
  • Profitability of renewable energy investments
  • Incentive system of the renewable energy in Russia

Paavo Ritala

Professor of Strategy and Innovations
LUT School of Business and Management

Tel. 040 833 5852
Twitter: @PaavoRitala

Specialisation and interests:

  • Platform economy and digital strategy
  • Innovation ecosystems
  • Coopetition
  • Sustainable business and business models

Tanja Leppäaho

Academy Research Fellow, Expert in growth entrepreneurship
LUT School of Business and Management

Telephone: +358 40 191 9448
IFE website
Facebook: IFE
Instagram: IFE

Specialisation and interests:

  • Growth entrepreneurship
  • Corporate internationalisation process
  • Family-owned enterprises: SME growth strategies, international networking, establishment and maintenance of partnerships
  • Biotechnology born globals

Researchers and experts in the Russian economy

LUT experts in the Russian economy study the economic policy of Russia, the competitiveness of Russian businesses, the country's investment atmosphere and the Russian consumer market in order to tap into the potential of the country's economy.

Seppo Remes

Professor of Practice
Professor at LUT School of Energy Systems

Tel. +358 45 615 4188

Erityisala ja kiinnostuksen kohteet:

  • Russian economy and business
  • Russian society and politics
  • Energy industry

Ekaterina Novikova

D.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Admin.)
Director for Russian Affairs

Tel. +358 40 147 9954
Twitter: @KatjaNovikova81

Specialisation and interests:

  • Contacts with Russian businesses
  • Financing tools for international projects
  • Stock market, portfolio management
  • Investment as a part of Russian market development, especially direct foreign investments and corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Russian national economy, Russia in the global economy
  • Reform of the Russian education system

Tuomo Summanen

Senior Advisor at LUT's research and innovation services

Tel. +358 40 709 2853

Specialisation and interests:

  • The digital network economy: value networks and business models
  • Mergers and acquisitions and the integration of business operations in emerging markets
  • Direct investments in Russia and the management of business in Russia
  • The business operations and funding of startups and growth companies in Russia

Juha Väätänen

Professor at LUT School of Business and Management

Tel. +358 40 526 1518

Specialisation and interests:

  • Russian economy and consumer market
  • Emerging market economy (BRIC/ Brazil, Russia, India and China)
  • Competitiveness of enterprises and economic policy

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