Energy transition

Electricity systems, solar energy, energy efficiency ja green hydrogen: Professor Jero Ahola, LUT School of Energy Systems

Power-to-x business and strategy: Research Director Petteri Laaksonen, LUT School of Energy Systems

Nuclear power, nuclear power plant technology, nuclear safety, energy systems: Professor Juhani Hyvärinen, LUT School of Energy Systems

Bioenergy, energy economy, energy systems: Professor Esa Vakkilainen, LUT School of Energy Systems

Security of supply

Food supply and security, sustainability science, sustainability transition, the change of nutrient system, climate sustainability: Professor Helena Kahiluoto, LUT School of Energy Systems

Supply of socially critical products: Academy Research Fellow Katri Laatikainen, LUT School of Engineering Science

Sustainable business

Sustainability science and circular economy: Professor Lassi Linnanen, LUT School of Energy Systems

Company activism: Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher Laura Olkkonen, LUT Business School

Security of supply: Professor, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Tech) Veli Matti Virolainen, LUT Business School

Human rights risks in supply chains, preparedness for crisis, management and leadership in nature catastrophes, biodiversity crisis: Postdoctoral Researcher Anne Quarshie, LUT Business School

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