Strategy 2030: Trailblazers – Science with a Purpose.



Scientific solutions

Air Turning emissions into opportunities

  • Defining air quality, emissions and climate impacts
  • New technology to turn emissions into products

Energy – Transition to a carbon-neutral world

  • Electricifation with power-to-x technologies
  • High-speed drives and turbines
  • Energy market change and industrial impacts 

Business – Sustainable renewal of business and industry

  • Driving sustainable growth
  • Creating value in a digital economy
  • Advanced design, manufacturing and processing

Water Refining sidestreams into value

  • Resource recovery from wastewater
  • Responding to complex water treatment needs 

Our action plans for 2025

  • Significant research player in Europe
  • Renewer of companies and society
  • Open, dynamic and active intercultural campuses


  • Courage to succeed
  • Passion for innovation through science
  • Will to build well-being
Trailblazers. Science with a purpose.

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