Sustainable development and responsibility

LUT University promotes sustainable development and we are responsible in all operations. Our strategic choices, scientific research, academic education and social interaction are all guided by the principles of ecological, economic and social sustainability. Clean energy, water and air are life-giving resources for which we seek new solutions with our expertise in technology and business. We help society and businesses in their sustainable renewal.

LUT's goal is to be carbon negative in 2024. The route towards that will be defined by specifying the carbon balance and by a Climate Action Plan.

Our research, education, campus operations and stakeholder work promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. LUT is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as evidenced by:

LUT promoting UN's Sustainable Development Goals

  • This table shows how LUT University is promoting every of UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our Trailblazer 2030 strategy and our research, we focus on influencing the following UN´s sustainable development goals in particular: 

Clean Water and Sanitation

Affordable and Clean Energy

Decent work and
economic growth

Industry, Innovation
and Infrastructure

Responsible Consumption
and Production

Climate Action


We promote the universal sustainable development goals for the environment, people and economy as a member of the following networks: 

More information on International Sustainable Campus Networking (PRME, ISCN and NSCN) is here.

Sustainability in stakeholder cooperation

Sustainability is a part of all our stakeholder cooperation. We influence the society around us by helping companies and other societal actors use solutions provided by research on emission-free energy, clean water and air, the circular economy and sustainable business. LUT research resulted 29 inventions in 2019. LUT applies for patents actively; its number of patents is the second highest of universities in Finland. Roughly 3–5 research-based spin-off companies are established each year. In 2019, there were 52 active spin-offs which had been established at least three years ago.

The business ecosystem includes LUT's research and education units, LUT's business accelerator  Green Campus Open (GCO), the Jamie Hyneman Center (JHC) for rapid prototyping, the LUT Entrepreneurship Society LUTES, and the cleantech seed investor Green Campus Innovations Ltd (GCI).

The goal of the LAB University of Applied Sciences, which is part of the LUT Group, is to achieve carbon negativity by 2030.

Cooperation with hometowns and LUT Junior University

We cooperate extensively with regional, national and global operators. In 2020, the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) awarded LUT Junior University the best sustainable development cooperation model. In Junior University activities, all age groups from children in early childhood education to high school students learn how to reduce their water footprint and their carbon footprint and how to maximize the carbon handprint. They are also challenged to search for solutions for how to contribute to the climate change and how to boost businesses to be more sustainable. During the years 2018–2019, Junior University activities reached 10 810 people.

We're working with Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS) to build Finland's greenest student housing community. Together with our campus cities Lappeenranta (Finnish Climate Capital) and Lahti (European Green Capital), we promote the goals of a clean environment.

Among other things, we produce expertise, vision, education and solutions in the following cooperation networks: 

We monitor our university's quality of research and productivity as well as the quality and impact of teaching by means of international comparisons and various evaluations and international accreditations on a regular basis.


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